• Devilmanozzy

    Where to begin?

    September 12, 2011 by Devilmanozzy

    Yes the title says it all. I guess giving out a bit of history about myself and then explaining where this wiki is going is in order.

    Well, I have been actively doing art of one sort or another since the age of 6 and if you do the math... 25 years. (I'm 31) Anyways, I have had a internet presence since 1996, which means 15 years. I have been around awhile, and I began on in the 90's using a service that was connected to a tv called Webtv. (later redubbed Msntv) In my early days made artwork from a program called PC Paintbrush Designer, and had introduced my art on free website provider Tripod, which I would promote in the webtv community in html and music newsgroups as there weren't many art related newsgroups.

    In 2005 lots of changes happen…

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