"Old Artwork"

The Artwork on this page is 5 years or older, and in no way is current. Most art with this tag is a archived type of art meant to show the progression to the current styling of the Artist.

Dark Art Set 05
Production April 1998? - September 1998
Released September 1998

Dark Art Set 05 of the Dark Art line. This set was formed in part from unused ideas from previous sets and new ideas.


NumberArtwork's Name
01Bye Fish!
02Do Remember to Check out the Water Before you get in! (Bad Water)
03Lost in a Sad World
04Deep in It!
06Dino Monsters
07New Kill
08Color Me Dead!
09Too Much!
10Electric Problem
12Freezer Burn
13Demon 2100
14Ghoul Attack
15Water like Light
16Swamp is Full of You! (Swamp Hell)
17Destroyer of the Hurting Light
19Flash in my Cold Mind
20The Devil of What!
21Mr. Cool
22The Trouble in the World
23Shadow Burn
25Ghost of Fire
26The Evil Man
27Light Saves Nothing!
28Tunnel to Never
29Blood Crazy
30Love Dead

Notes from the ArtistEdit

Overall, this set was the last of the unused ideas other than a few exceptions. The set was notably very bright and colorful, and many images in this set are not scary at all. As I look at the set in 2015, it is clear that many of these ideas were rather well executed considering the software and abilities I had.

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