"Old Artwork"

The Artwork on this page is 5 years or older, and in no way is current. Most art with this tag is a archived type of art meant to show the progression to the current styling of the Artist.

Dark Art Set 18
Production October 2001 - November 2001
Released November 2001

Dark Art Set 18 of the Dark Art line. It features sequels to "Believe in the Dark" and "Over".


NumberArtwork's Name
01In the Mail Today!
02Glow Man
03Dark Ones Know Better
04Little Bow Peep, I found your Sheep...
05Fishing for Himself
07Welcome to Insanity
08Bat Bite
09Angelic Evil
10The Bridge
11The Witch you Love
12Go to the Light!
13Believe in the Dark (Part 2)
14Die in Color
15The Sweet Candyman
16Eye Worship
17Ready to Kill!
18Too Lost to be Found!
19Chilling Colors that bleed the Soul to Black
20Grave Stalker
21Grown to Go Bad
22Rich with Pain
23Techno Worm
24Rising Zombie
25The Terror Within
26Evil Reign Supreme (Over: Part 2)
27So Caught
28Against the Fence
29King of Weeds
30The Man