"Old Artwork"

The Artwork on this page is 5 years or older, and in no way is current. Most art with this tag is a archived type of art meant to show the progression to the current styling of the Artist.

Dark Art Set 22
Production February 2005 - April 2005
Released May 20, 2005

Dark Art Set 22 of the Dark Art line. After about two years off, the series continues.


NumberArtwork's Name
01Darkness Invades
02Lost in Thought
04Paralyzing Dreams
05Creeping out of Sanity
06Twin Water Spirits
07In Your Hands
08Flame Dancer
09Chupacabra (The Goat Sucker)
10Psychedelic Visions
11Out of this World!
12Arctic Star
13Demon of the Confused
14Devil Extreme
15Love is Blind
16Shocking Display
17The Vile Creature
18Suffer in the Rain!
19Alien Lifeform Number: 13
20Frowning from the Beyond
21Bacterial Disease
22Atomic Vegetation
23The Power of the Upper Arms
26Damned Vortex
27Color Slug
28Mistake at Birth
29Spinning out of Time
30What Lies deep in the Soul

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