Dark Art Set 25
Released December 06, 2006

Dark Art Set 25 of the Dark Art line. It features one sequel to previous work The Gift.


NumberArtwork's NameNotes
01What about who's been bad this year?!
02Freeze the Body and Mind (Jack Frost)
04Frosty Flips
05Mrs. Claws
07Ginger Bread Man
08I'll Snow You Man!
09The Deer Devil
10The Abominable Snowman
11Candy Cane Murder
12Elves Playing Catch
13The Stocking was Hung and so will you!
14Those who did not make it Home
15Christmas Star
16A Cold Soul
17Silent Night, Unholy Night (All is Dead!)
20The Curse of Scrooge's Soul
21Please Remember Me! (Marley's Ghost)
22Where did the Time Go? (Ghost of Christmas Past)
23Does the Greed Let You Sleep At Night? (Ghost of Christmas Present)
24Do You Want to be Alone Forever? (Ghost of Christmas Future)
25The Gift (Part 2)
26Trapped in the Christmas tree Stare
27The Nut Smasher
28Ice Beast
29Chilled to the Bone
30Eggnog That Tastes Bad
31Nut CrackerBonus Art
32Reindeer of TerrorBonus Art
33Jelly Saint NickBonus Art
34Silent Night, Unholy Night (All is Dead!)
Cold Comfort Remix
Remix Art
Redefine Remix
Remix Art
36Does the Greed Let You Sleep At Night? (Ghost of Christmas Present)
Blue Pleasure Remix
Remix Art
37The Abominable Snowman
Sweet Blue Remix
Remix Art
38The Stocking was Hung and so will you!
Grim Green Remix
Remix Art
39Frosty Flips
Blue Remix
Remix Art
40Eggnog That Tastes Bad
Bitter Sour Remix
Remix Art
41The Curse of Scrooge's SoulSketch Art
42The Stocking was Hung and so will you!Sketch Art
43Trapped in the Christmas tree StareSketch Art
44Silent Night, Unholy Night (All is Dead!)Sketch Art
45OrganmentalSketch Art

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