Ghostbusters is one of Matt's influences. Therefore over the years, he has posted many.


Dark ArtEdit

Artwork's NameRelease Date
No Ghost LogoJuly 15, 2010
Samhain - Eternal NightJuly 28, 2010
Dreaming of the SandmanAugust 1, 2010
The Boogieman Remembers YouAugust 5, 2010
Makeoverus Lotsabucks at PierAugust 9, 2010
Ab Shai in the CaveAugust 20, 2010
The Dark Arts of Mr. BlaqueAugust 26, 2010
Discovering The GrundelAugust 30, 2010
No Slimer LogoSeptember 1, 2010
Slimer in the HallSeptember 1, 2010
Shandor - Become a GodSeptember 4, 2010
Ray - Looking in Wrong PlaceSeptember 10, 2010



Other WorksEdit

Artwork's NameRelease Date
Matt Jordan the GhostbusterJuly 14, 2010

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