Photography 2011
Production November 2011 - December 27, 2011
Released December 28, 2011

Photography 2011 is basic photos that Matt took with only minor edits in Photoshop. Photos were Cropping, Gradient mapping (two colors only), turning them black and white, and slight graying was used only. The names of the images were simply numbers as the focus of the project was to observe and not to create. This is the second time Matt has done art in the photography as he also did some images in 2007.


NumberArtwork's NameNotes
01Number 01
02Number 02
03Number 03
04Number 04
05Number 05
06Number 06
07Number 07
08Number 08
09Number 09
10Number 10
11Number 11
12Number 12
13Number 13
14Number 14
15Number 15
16Number 16
17Number 17
18Number 18
19Number 19
20Number 20
21Number 21
22Number 22
23Number 23
24Number 24
25Number 25
26Number 26
27Number 27
28Number 28
29Number 29
30Number 30

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