This Section is about my Wiki history including Wikipedia, Wikia and other private wikis I may be have played a part in. I also have a tips section for friends on how to get a Wikia wiki looking sharp in no time.


I have been editing at Wikia since September 2008.



Active Wiki's I Moderate and MaintainEdit

WikiAbout it
Sony's Ghostbusters WikiGhostbusters Wiki started it all for me in editing wikis. I came to Ghostbusters Wiki on September 9, 2008 on Ghostbusters II.
ThunderCats Wiki

Un-Active Wiki's I MaintainEdit

Filmation Ghostbusters WikiBeetlejuice Wiki
Ghostbusters Fanon WikiGarbage Pail Kids WikiDarius Wiki
Superjail WikiUn-Ghostbusters WikiGhosts 'N Goblins Wiki
Space Invaders WikiSilverhawks WikiMonster in my Pocket Wiki
Franchise WikiTobin's Spirit Guide Wiki


Madball WikiGirls Bravo WikiR-Type Wiki
Glee WikiBleach WikiAvatar Wiki
Guilty Gear WikiSoda WikiSquidbillies Wiki
Darkwing Duck WikiRaiden WikiCartoon Wiki
Pizza WikiShmup WikiGradius Wiki
Spawn WikiAtheism WikiThe Conduit Wiki
MadWorld WikiBatman Wiki